Our Story

The Delaxboys are four brothers born and raised in Winnipeg, MB.  All four brothers have had a Lacrosse stick in their hands since before they could walk and began playing organized Lacrosse at the age of four, a sport their dad is passionate about.  Family gatherings typically involve Lacrosse and it is weird to see the De La Ronde’s without their Lacrosse sticks by their sides.    Playing the sport has taught the boys teamwork, determination and commitment.  It has opened up opportunities to meet new people, learn new skills and travel.  The summer of 2020, the four Delaxboys were scheduled to compete at the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) in Halifax, NS.  The three oldest would compete in Lacrosse and the youngest in track and field.   Due to COVID-19, NAIG was postponed and eventually cancelled.  In addition, recreational Lacrosse was cancelled.  With free time on their hands, the three oldest Delaxboys got part-time summer jobs. Using some of the earnings and with the help of their older cousin, the Delaxboys was born! Their goal, to promote the sport of Lacrosse and their love for the game.  Their ideas, inspiration and design would not be possible without the trusted help of talented local people.  

 Back Left: Seth De La Ronde. Back Right: Alexander De La Ronde. Bottom Left: Hudson De La Ronde. Bottom Right: Parker De La Ronde