Meet The DelaxBoys

Hudson De La Ronde

Hudson De La Ronde is the youngest of the four brothers.  His attention to detail, love for art and drawing has given him a role on the creative design team.  By working alongside a very talented local graphic designer Tyndall Fontaine, the Delaxboys logos were created!  Adding a special touch to orders, Hudson draws all the logos by hand on the Delaxboys merchandise bags.  

 When it comes to Lacrosse, Hudson is a natural defensemen and an enthusiastic teammate.  In 2019, he represented Team Manitoba as an under-ager at the Peewee Box Lacrosse Nationals held in Coquitlam, BC. Hudson was scheduled to compete at NAIG this summer in Halifax, NS for Track and Field. Hudson also enjoys playing hockey and trampolining.  His favorite Lacrosse player is Paul Rabil. When asked about his future, Hudson’s dream is to own a Lacrosse store. 


Parker De La Ronde

He might be the tallest of the group but he’s actually two years younger than his older twin brothers! Parker’s Lacrosse resume includes winning 3 RRLA Box Lacrosse Championships, 2 of which were back to back at age 9 and 10 years old. Winning Gold at the Calgary Canada Day Lacrosse Tournament with the Ojibwe Nationals. 

 Parker competed on the National Level representing team Manitoba at the Warrior Peewee Box Lacrosse Championships in Toronto, Ontario. The team won B-Side Gold in 2017 and in 2018, as team captain, he led the team in points and won the B-side Gold Medal.   Through the Manitoba Provincial Lacrosse team, Parker’s best memory, is meeting teammate, J.J. Oke from Thompson, MB and building & maintaining a friendship. 

 Parker loves that the Delaxboys has given him the opportunity to work with his family including his cousin Cruz Jimenez and his three brothers. Parker’s role with Delaxboys is to help with social media and clothing design. He enjoys fashion and keeping up to date with current trends and releases.

His future goals include promoting Lacrosse through the Delaxboys and building a business where athletes can practice and compete.  Although he’s taller than him now, Parker continues to looks up to his older brother Seth De La Ronde for Lacrosse inspiration. Outside of Lacrosse Parker also plays hockey and his favorite class is Electronics.  He is thinking of a career in accounting or dentistry.


Seth De La Ronde

Seth De La Ronde has a love for the game of Lacrosse.  He plays both Field and Box Lacrosse and is a very committed athlete.  He has represented Team Manitoba at Peewee, Bantam and U-16. Box lacrosse Ontario, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Winning two B-side gold medals (16’,19’) and earning a spot in the A-side bronze medal game (18’).  

Playing for Manitoba True field Lacrosse has given him the opportunity to compete in tournaments in the United States.  Seth attended Jr. A  Lacrosse camps, he is driven to improve his lacrosse skills.  Lacrosse has given him an opportunity to travel and one of the things he loves most is playing on a team and meeting new friends. 

Seth enjoys spending time with his friends, playing hockey, Basketball and video games.  He admires the style of play of the Professional lacrosse player Connor Fields. His dream is to play Lacrosse for the University of Albany in the USA where the Thompson Brothers played.  

What he wants to accomplish with the Delaxboys, is he wants to promote the Traditional game and make the sport “bigger and better”.  


Alexander "Xander" De La Ronde

Xander De La Ronde is the oldest of the four brothers and he loves the competitive nature of lacrosse. The Delaxboys idea has given Xander an opportunity to focus on and try something new.  The best part for him has been creating a brand and designing clothes with his brothers.

Xander is a very versatile player but mostly plays the point or the shooter position in Box Lacrosse and attack position in Field Lacrosse. He has proven to be a disciplined athlete competing on a National level representing team Manitoba in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.  He played with True Manitoba field lacrosse and competed in the United States.  He has great memories from his competitions including scoring the first goal for team Manitoba at the 2016 Peewee Box Lacrosse Nationals.  Lacrosse has given him the opportunity to see Canada and to be with his teammates for extended periods.  He’s met many people and remains friends with many of his teammates.  

Xander likes to spend his free time playing lacrosse in the backyard, hanging out with friends, playing basketball and videogames.  His favorite Lacrosse player and someone he looks to for inspiration is Jeremy Thompson from the Saskatchewan Rush. He one day aspires to play university or college Lacrosse in the United States with his brother Seth.


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